The Best Lead Generation Sites For Contractors

I belong to a number of different contractor forums, and it seems like almost every day I see another user posting the same questions” Has anyone tried this? or “What is the best lead generation website for contractors?”

These kinds of posts have a tendency to receive replies ranging from furious to flattering.  ACME Contractor might swear by a certain company while this same company is sworn at by XYZ Contractor and then Joe The Plumber swears that all lead generation companies are horrible.  So, who is right?

The first thing that you need to be aware of is there are numerous factors that go into determining which contractors end up winning jobs and which don’t.  So let’s review a couple of the more important factors now:

– Reviews or references

– Follow up process

– Personality and salesmanship

– Price of work

– Quality of work

There are some contractors that possess a couple of the above qualities, some possess all of them, and you might say about some of your competitors that they don’t possess any of them.

Different kinds of contractors might do well with certain kinds of lead sources.  If a contractor has a fair price, many references and great work quality, then he probably can get plenty of referral work without needing to be a great salesman or have an aggressive follow-up process.

However, a contractor that has a strong follow-up process and great sales skills might win plenty of jobs without references, fair prices of quality work. So as you can see, various types of contractors might rely on different kinds of lead sources for growing their businesses.


How to analyze contractor feedback on various lead generation services

Since we now have a better understanding of why certain contractors might have different results with various lead sources, let’s take a closer look at some of the major factors that may influence the opinion of a contractor when using one of the various ways of obtaining leads, which is home improvement lead generation services.  The following are some of the most important factors that should be considered:


How long was the service used?

There are many contractors who will try out a lead generations service, obtain 3-4 leads and not get results and then quit and blame everything on the lead generation service.  Many of these contractors don’t realize that any kind of lead generation is really a numbers game.

For instance, you might have a website getting 100 visitors per day. Perhaps just 20 of them will actually fill out your form or call you (20%).  If the next morning you check on your website and didn’t have any calls after 5 visits, would you assume you weren’t going to get any calls at all that day?  Statistically, that wouldn’t be accurate.  If you got 5 calls from your first 5 visitors, would that mean you were going to reviews 100 calls on the same day?  Of course, it wouldn’t!

These are basic principles of statistics: the more trails you have, the more accurate your data will become.  So you can’t judge a certain service on only a handful of leads.  So whenever a contractor provides feedback on a lead service, you need to find out how many leads were received from the service and how long the service was used.


How good is the contractor’s sales process?

The truth of the matter is there are many contractors who do not know how to sell.  Many really don’t understand the importance of making a good impression with a homeowner.  There are many unprofessional contractors.  Some of these use lead generation services and end up having poor experiences.  Whenever you are reviewing feedback on lead-gen companies, it is important to take it with a grain of salt, since you don’t know much about these contractors who are providing the feedback.


Are the contractors passing the blame?

Once in a while, a contractor will call us and state that a certain lead was not reachable.  Unlike other lead generation services, we have a system that tracks calls to each lead.  This allows contractors to look in their Lead Manager to see the results.  Frequently we will look at the lead’s call history and see that the homeowner hasn’t been called until 4 days after we have matched the lead, and was called just once (or not at all sometimes).  No wonder the person couldn’t be reached!


The truth of the matter is, many contractors don’t follow up with their leads properly. Calling just one time a couple of days after the lead has been match is not going to be successful. However, many contractors who have a poor follow-up process end up passing the blame onto the lead generation company and by posting negative online reviews.

When reviewing feedback on a lead-generation company, ask the contractor who has posted the feedback about their sales process and what they do to follow up with the leads that they purchase.


Have they been successful with other lead generation companies?

If negative feedback is posted by a contractor on a certain lead generation company, ask if their experience has been the same with other companies.  If all of their experiences with lead gen companies has been negative might be that the contractor’s business doesn’t do well with lead generation companies.  However, that might not be very helpful for your business.  On the other hand, if the contract had specific issues with only one company then maybe there are issues with that lead generation company.


What does the contractor consider to be a success?

Do contractors have very different ideas of what they consider to be a success?  When a contractor says that a certain lead generation company didn’t work well for his business, ask him what he considers to be a success?  Some contractors might be happy with a 20% close ratio while others expect 60%.


How similar is the contractor’s business with yours?

As I stated earlier, there are many different kinds of contracting businesses. If you receive feedback on a lead generation service from a contractor, try to determine if his business is similar to yours.  Is the size of their company about the same as yours?  What about their sales process and their follow up process?  How about their expectations?  With so many different factors to consider, you need to keep in mind that just because something works for a contractor or doesn’t work doesn’t necessarily mean you will have the same experience.

When it comes to these kinds of topics surfacing online, the bottom is you can’t take all of the replies (negative or positive) completely at face value.  Keep in mind, this is the Internet.  People tend to say whatever they want and there isn’t any real way of judging their credibility without doing some further digging.

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