Lead Generation Services – Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions frequently asked by our small business partners about Lead Generation. Please review it to understand the benefits and responsibilities of partnering with Millennium Marketing Solutions.

How does the Lead Generation sales process work?

  • Become a partner w/ Millennium Marketing Solutions in their Lead Generation program.
  • Answer your phone when it rings or respond to an online e-mail request form from local consumers looking for your services.
  • And that’s it, just wait for the phone to keep ringing w/ new customers!

What costs are associated with the Lead Generation program?

There is a per lead charge for each phone call or email request received and a one time setup fee. After that, you’ll start receiving new customer leads from the various sites and listings that we set you up with.

As I receive calls from consumers, how will I know which ones are coming from Millennium Marketing Solutions?

When you answer your phone, the call will be announced with a brief message, “Incoming Lead from Millennium Marketing Solutions.” After the announcement, you’ll answer the phone as you would any inbound call. You will also receive a monthly call report detailing all the new leads that were generated through our Lead Generation system.

Will I pay for duplicate calls or leads that aren’t valid?

No. We’ll be able to identify duplicate calls. As we listen to the calls in our proprietary call tracking system, we’ll be able to mark calls as a duplicate call as well as calls from telemarketers. You have 7 days from delivery of the call report to mark it Disputed Leads and provide a brief note as to why it is disputed.

What is a valid lead, and do I only pay if I get the job?

A valid lead is a call from someone who needs the services you provide. We do our best to provide the most qualified prospects, but it’s up to you to turn them into clients.

What would my expected close rate be on leads generated from Millennium Marketing Solutions?

Generally, you can expect to close 1 out of 2 leads. This however can be influenced by a number of factors. Who answers the phone and are they courteous? Do you have a receptionist or answering service that takes calls after hours? Do you charge for service estimates?

How many leads can I expect per month?

This can vary based on geographic region and population density in the area(s) you service. You can see an average of anywhere between 5 and 30 leads per month, possibly even more.

Are the leads that I receive shared with anyone else?

Unlike other national lead generation companies that you may have heard of, which take one lead and send it to three or four different companies in the hopes that company will pick it up, all leads that you receive are exclusively yours and are not shared with any competitor.

For more information on how to increase your revenue with our Lead Generation Program, contact us today!