Why You Need Credible Content

We may associate ethos with our literature classes and historical writers trying to prove their point. The point of creating ethos in your writing is to lend yourself credibility – to tell your readers that you are trustworthy.


One of the most efficient ways to grow your site and readership is by getting readers to bring in other like-minded readers. When people read credible content, they are much more likely to share it with their friends, family, and sphere of influence. Google’s algorithms are much more focused on giving their searchers access to credible content than ever before.

Demonstrate Expertise

Expertise is simply the virtue of having understanding and in-depth knowledge about a topic. Being able to clearly explain complex ideas and then analyze them concisely is the easiest way to demonstrate expertise to your readers. To create an expert ethos, you should:

  • Cite your sources
  • Illustrate data by creating charts and graphs
  • Share meaningful insight
  • Write passionately

Use Your Title

One of the easiest ways to build credibility as an author is simply by using a title. For whatever reason, people naturally trust an executive over an intern, whether or not the executive really has more knowledge than the intern. Something as simple as using a title that sounds prestigious can help you build ethos as an author on the Internet.

Be careful though – any credibility you may have built by using a good title will be torn away if the reader thinks you are lying to them. Also, creative titles like “Jedi Web Master” do not have the same effect. Consider your audience, and if necessary, seek guest posts from true CEOs or experts.

Gain Referent and Associable Credibility

These two different kinds of credibility are easy to implement and boost your ethos considerably. Referent credibility has to do with where your content is being shared and who is sharing it. If your article is published on a website that people already trust, then your writing will instantly be considered credible.

Associable credibility has more to do with your own website and post design. If your website and posts look like sites and posts that your readers already trust, then they will have a preconceived notion of your ethos. Using a design that mimics trustworthy sites is a simple way to increase your content’s credibility.

Continue Building Trust

Finally, here are some other things to consider:

  • Is your domain name relevant?
  • Are you using unique graphic designs (no clip art or stock images)?
  • Is your writing clear and grammatically correct?
  • Are you using good headlines?

Focusing on building an ethos that your readers trust and will share is one of the best ways to build your site’s credibility. Your search rankings will thank you as well!

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