Search Engine Marketing – PPC (Pay Per Click)

Use our Search Engine Marketing program to get in the top 3 spots of Google Ads when prospects search for your products and services on Google’s search engine and generate more sales.


Having your Google Ad on top is essential to growing your brand.

With the rise of mobile search, and the fact that more users access the Internet on mobile devices than do on desktop computers, 85% of sales now come from the top 3 listings on Google Ads. So being listed in these top 3 spots is hugely important. Every day you’re not on top, you’re losing sales! Problem is, getting your brand listed on top isn’t free. The top 3 spots are paid placement, and competition for this valuable “real estate” is fierce. Therefore, you want to make sure you’re running quality ads for the most “lead producing” keywords, have the best ad copy and incentivizing calls to action, and use the best landing page designs. Our Pay Per Click Ads program is the #1 solution for this and is a lead driving machine for your business.

Paid Search Management For Your Brand

Let our expert team of Adwords professionals run, manage and optimize your Google Ads placement on Google. A dedicated Marketing Executive will manage and optimize your Google Ads program for you. We’ll dedicate time with your program by improving your paid search lead flow by leveraging our expertise in driving down lead costs while also maximizing the number of clicks that your ads are receiving. Let the talents and time of your Marketing Executive, who is a certified PPC expert, be the reason why your Google Ads program becomes the driving reason for achieving maximum Return On Investment (ROI) for your company. Get more new sales by being listed where 85% of people look for products and services… the top 3 spots!

Use the best lead generating keywords, ads & landing pages.

Being listed at the top of Google’s search engine happens by using the best performing keywords, crafting the best text copy for your ads, and landing pages that convert. These are the factors that matter most when it comes to producing new sales from an increased inflow of new prospective customers. Let our expertise and experience get you started on the right foot on day #1 with the Top Performing Ads program that you can have for your business.

By optimizing your Quality Score on Google’s Adwords Algorithm, you’ll find that you can save up to half of your budget on cost-per-click compared to industry average cost-per-click on Google Adwords! This helps your ads run longer, which generates more opportunities for ad impressions, and ultimately generates more sales for less cost. This also helps you reduce your cost per lead (Cost Per Acquisition), which increases your profit margins!

google-adwords-dashboard PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising – It’s All About Quality!

Not All PPC Campaigns Are Created Equal

Pay-per-click advertising systems like Google Adwords are essentially a keywords auction (you bid on keywords, the higher you bid for a click, the higher you’ll be positioned). But that doesn’t always mean the business with the most money is always on top. In other words, you can’t just buy your way to the Top Position.

The quality of your Adwords campaign plays a more important a role in how you’re ranked.  And this Quality Score affects how much you have to bid to get those coveted top 3 positions.

To better understand the role of your Quality Score in your Adwords campaign set-up, it helps to understand Google’s business model.

While a business like yours pays Google to advertise, Google doesn’t think of you as their primary customer.  The primary customer is the searcher–the end user of the search engine.

The #1 goal for Google is to provide the best possible results for a user’s search query.  When someone performs a keyword search, Google wants the results to be relevant, accurate, and useful to that user.  If they’re not, people won’t use their search engine.

Google does a masterful job of developing technology that achieves this goal.

So when it comes to paid search, you can’t just pay the most for a click and expect to be on top.  If the campaign and content does not demonstrate relevancy and quality related to the keyword search query, you won’t rank in the Top Positions.  If you only show moderate quality with your ads, you can still rank but you’ll have to bid more to achieve higher ranking positions.

On the other hand, if your campaigns are set-up with great content (not to mention all the tricks of the trade), you not only achieve higher ranking positions, you actually pay less per click to be there. This is how you maximize your ad budget while also achieving the best Return On Investment for your marketing dollars.

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