13 Tips to Get More Online Reviews for Your Business

Your company has plenty of satisfied customers. You provided them with great services or products and excellent customer support. But, though your company should have more customers, it doesn’t.   


It’s because your satisfied clients didn’t tell others about their experience with your company. The best way to avoid this lack is to ask your clients to write reviews on different promotional webpages about your business.  

Here are 13 tips on how to encourage your customers to write online reviews for your company. They will explain how to get them to write either Google reviews or reviews on third-party sites. It doesn’t matter how many clients you have had, or the limited time you can spend to apply these tips, some of them should work for you. 


13 Tips for Getting More Customer Online Reviews  

  • Put links and some clickable images on your website to direct your customers to the review webpages 
  • Use the organic method, which means listing your website with as many third-party sites as you can list to (there are some customers who spontaneously decide to write a review about the companies they hired on these kinds of sites) 
  • Provide your customers with a page of instructions on how to write a review  
  • Produce a video for those customers who don’t prefer written instructions 
  • Send your customers QR codes on post cards with links to your business’s Google Places page, or to another reviewing website, and ask them to scan that link with their smartphone 
  • Put QR codes on stickers or decals (they can be put everywhere in your company to be easily seen and scanned by your clients) 
  • Send a personalized email to your patients (when you write, it don’t use introductions like “Dear Valued Customer”) and include a link where you customers can leave their reviews
  • Set up an auto-responder email
  • Send postal mail. Though it’s a bit hard to write and send them to your clients, it’s worth it
  • Use social media (particularly Facebook) because there customers usually use their real names when they write the reviews
  • Make phone calls asking for reviews
  • Send your patients a little gift like a fridge magnet or a pad and a request to write an online review for you (the gift should be something that people will actually use and should have the logo of your company on it so your business name can be easily seen and remembered)
  • Ask your clients to leave reviews for your business on different websites

Many of these methods may work for your company and some may work better than others. Try one or more of these methods and see which ones better fit your business.   

(excerpt from “13 Drop Dead Easy Ways to Get More Patient Online Reviews”)