There is a frequently asked question – which one is better, PPC or SEO? It can be said that there are many reasons for using both, and your site can gain benefits from each of them. We know that there is a fixed budget for all businesses, though, so we can offer you some suggestions to choose one of them.

Let’s be clear on the ideas of SEO and PPC. If PPC is like renting a house, SEO is considered as buying a house. It is true that if you stop optimizing the site, it will stick around. A few years ago, “SEOing”, or using Search engine optimization was much different than it is today.

If you need an effective result from doing SEO, it demands continuous maintenance. Google always searches for new content on sites and constant backlinks are also necessary for search engine optimization. Consistent updating is essential for SEO. If you stop optimizing the business website, it may stay afloat in the ranking for some time, but sooner or later, it will be overtaken by the competitors.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a means to achieve the maximum value from a fixed budget. You always want to get a large amount of return from the money you have invested. PPC requires consistent attention like SEO, including creative ad writing, managing bids, and keyword updates. The difference between SEO and PPC is that if you stop paying for the ads, the exposure goes away immediately.

Immediate Result from PPC
Pay-Per-Click is the best choice if you need to generate traffic instantly for your launched product, service, App, or website. Though it requires time for set up and writing ads, it is highly possible to keep the PPC campaign running on a 24 hour basis. On the other hand, it takes a month or more to generate traffic to the website using SEO.

Higher Potential Return from SEO
The potential return from SEO is higher because it is not related to the investment you made. You can find your website in the first page ranking with 15 different keywords within a few months. There may be hundreds or thousands of visitors to the website, from which you need only a small percentage of potential customers to cover your investment in SEO.

PPC can Be Easily Quantified
PPC is slightly more advanced than SEO in that it directly measures the financial impact on the business. PPC is very important for e-commerce sites and sites that have a very specific goal. PPC can be easily tracked, but that does not mean that it is always profitable for online marketing. An experienced website marketing company can show you how your bottom line is affected by their services.

Competition is Necessary
You’ll need to do a little research work to decide which one will be better for you. In the beginning, you should choose PPC if all your required keywords necessary for SEO ranking are already being dominated by giant corporations with a large amount of money to put into their SEO campaigns.

In such a competitive market, you can approach SEO very smartly by selecting specific, lesser searched keywords. Finally, you have to make a good use of your budget by choosing the perfect option.

Final Advice
If keyword envy and vanity come to your mind, both SEO and PPC campaigns can be derailed. Keep in mind that it is better to be profitable rather than popular.

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