Google Analytics

Keeping tabs on your website’s Google Analytics information will help you in keeping your business running smoothly. As overwhelming as the volume of information may seem, there is a purpose behind all of the graphs, charts, and squiggles that you see on your analytics report. 

 What Does Google Analytics Do, Exactly? 

 Google Analytics is a free tool that website owners and webmasters can install on websites as one of the SEO strategies. The program will give you information about the demographics of the visitors to your site, including information about the following: 


  • What country the visitors are in 
  • How long the average visitor reads your site 
  • How many pages per visit, and what those pages are 
  • What time of day, week, month, and year your website is being visited most often 
  • How users navigate through and interact with the information on your site 
  • How traffic is finding your website, including keywords that lead people there 


The Google Analytics program will add snippets of code to your webpages, and uses this snippet to track user activity. One interesting way of using Google Analytics is to track user behaviour live in real time. You would mostly be doing this to watch how much traffic you are getting immediately when sending out a weekly newsletter that links people to your site, to see what reach you have, using different promotions. 


What Are the Most Important Measurements? 

  Depending on your particular website, of course, the main measurements that Google Analytics will provide you include:  

  • Your traffic sources 
  • How your audience uses your site 
  • If your audience is being successfully ‘converted’ (a relative measurement) 
  • Your audience’s engagement with your website content 


Traffic Sources 

  Basically, the traffic sources will tell you how your website visitors found your website, from the following possibilities:  

  • Directly typing in the URL 
  • Using a link on social media 
  • Organic search results 
  • Being referred by a link on another site, to your site 


Google Analytics Measuring How Your Audience Uses Your Site 

  The audience section of Google Analytics measures the following factors:  

  • Total number of visits, and percentage of new/returning visitors 
  • Average time spent on your website 
  • Pageviews (average and total) 
  • Bounce rate (by page or entire website)
  • Flow of traffic 


Content Section of Google Analytics 

 The content section in your Google Analytics report measures how your website audience is using your site, including:  

  • Most popular pages 
  • Most frequently viewed content 
  • Most frequently clicked links 


Google Analytics Conversion Section 

 In order to benefit from the conversion analysis, you’ll have to set up your conversion goals in your Analytics account. Some conversion goals include:  

  • Adding items to cart 
  • Signing up for a newsletter 
  • Making purchases 
  • Viewing certain pages 
  • Entering a contest 

All in all, Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) measurement is critical to success and that is why you should always monitor your Google Analytics.

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