Mobile Devices and SEO

The number of people using search engines that would search any further than page one was already small enough, but apparently, this number has dropped dramatically with the rise of mobile devices. With smaller screens, people don’t always scroll down far enough to see all of the first page anymore, choosing most frequently from one of the top three results. With this change in search habits, SEO is more important than ever, if you want to keep your web page in public view.


Google is Making Google Search More Personal

Always moving toward a more complete internet user experience, Google has recently made changes that make it easier for its users to find exactly what they are searching for. Taking into account your search history, and the results that you’ve chosen in the past, Google now includes your location, and the search habits of people in your Google circles.


Hummingbird Algorithm

Google has also been using Hummingbird, one of their newer algorithms, to optimise mobile searching. Hummingbird helps google to answer questions, as opposed to simply searching the web for a high volume of a certain keyword.

Encrypted Keyword Data

When Google first announced that it wouldn’t be providing keyword visit data any longer, some SEO companies panicked, thinking that they wouldn’t be able to prove their effectiveness. However, search engine traffic being what matters—not keyword visits—this fear was mostly unfounded. They simply had to change what they would be showing their clients.

Increasing Mobile Search Traffic

One good thing about mobile web searching, is that your mobile device always knows both who you are, and where you are. This allows Google to use the device location to find appropriate search results.

The value that your business’ Google+ page will bring, in mobile SEO is incredibly important. When filling in your Google+ profile, you are telling Google which search results your business should be included in. Your profile on Google+ allows you to have:

  • Your location
  • Your business hours
  • Contact info
  • Reviews and +1’s
  • Being in Circles—a great way to get noticed
  • Google product categories—Google uses these to connect your company with keywords

Using Google+ as a networking tactic is a really good plan, for all of those reasons, and the fact that your Google+ friend activity will make you more visible in search results. This leads to more friend activity, snowballing you toward more and more visibility.

It is also worth the cost to most business owners to use Google Adwords, because the ads that relate to search results are displayed at the top of the SERP, with a very useful ‘Call’ button. The call button makes it very simple for a potential client to call you, directly from the smartphone they were searching with.

The takeaway from this should not be to increase our focus on keyword SEO strategies, but instead, to diversify our SEO strategies. Businesses can increase their online visibility by using a variety of SEO strategies, including:

  • Keywords
  • Geo-modifiers
  • Advertisements
  • Appropriate  networking strategies




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