Is Your Website the Accidental Type of Spam?

Many companies accidentally spam-list themselves with search engines, and it frequently happens with a company trying to market locally using certain keywords. They would then add the name of their city at the end of every keyword mention. An example of this would be: 

  • Keyword stuffing in Denver, CO 
  • Stuffing with keywords, for residents of Denver 
  • Best Keyword-spam tactics in all of Denver 
  • Denver’s best keyword spammers 

Not only is this an unnecessary and unreadable way of writing your web content, it has the opposite effect on your website SEO than you would hope. It’s something that is automatically recognized by search engines as ‘spammy’ keyword stuffing. That’s something that will get you black-listed quickly. 

For any keywords, including local, national or broad-use keywords, the best way to use them for SEO is to use them with a 1-3% density—1 to 3 times each, per 100 words of text. You’re best off to go with 1% if your keywords are all similar, such as: 

  • Plumbing 
  • Plumbers 
  • Colorado Plumbing Pros 

If you use each of these with a 3% density, it can show up as using 1 keyword, with a 9% density—not a good thing. You don’t need to always count your words, and calculate density, but pay more attention to creating quality content that is easily readable, and contains your keywords naturally.  

If it’s Readable to You, It will be Readable to Google 

Google reads just like a person does. The easiest way to double check your content for accidental spam is to read through it again yourself, after writing it. Ask yourself if it sounds like something you would say, or if it sounds like a keyword library. If you can’t comfortably say it out loud, then it has no place in your online content. Potential customers or clients won’t be able to read it any more easily than you can, and confusing or boring potential customers is not a good start. They will go somewhere else, where they can find the information they are looking for easily. 

The Right Keywords Will Just Happen 

The reason you picked certain keywords is likely that they described your business pretty well. That’s the reason why you should have picked them, anyway. Because you picked keywords that describe your product, service, or website, it stands to reason that these words would naturally appear in any content that also accurately describes what you are offering. Most of the time, you just have to write about your product, and then go back to ensure that your targeted keywords are being used appropriately. 

Spam-Free SEO 

If you are looking to optimise your online content for search engine traffic, but you aren’t sure that you can do this without spamming your own site, or if after reading this article, you’ve realized that you have, in fact, spammed your own website with junky, clunky keywords, have your website SEO done professionally.