Breaking the SEO Rules

In the case of search engine optimization, many try to follow “best practices” and some are often very rigid about following them. While it is true that they usually produce good results, there are times when it’s wiser to ignore them.   

What Are Best Practices? 

Basically, best practices are a set of rules that are consistently showing superior results. It’s not the only way to do things, but in general, over time, they deliver the best results over other techniques. You can also use them as a benchmark to measure your results. 

More importantly, best practices are meant to evolve and get better over time. With knowledge and experience, your best practices are going to change. So, we must remember that, best practices do change, and we must change what we do as a result. 


Why Should They Be Ignored Sometimes? 

One of the main reasons that you sometimes want to ignore best practices is when you want to deliver the highest ROI for your activities. When working on a client’s site doing in-house SEO, time and resources are limited. So you want to make sure that you’re doing the activity that brings the highest ROI.  When people are new to SEO, they start on a campaign, optimizing their on-page elements and crawlability and engine accessibility. At first, that’s a really high-ROI activity.  

As your SEO improves, the return on investment starts to decline. What people do is they stay on this line far too long, fixing every detail on their site and they’re not seeing a good return on investment.  Also, they ignore the other issues that would be a much higher-ROI activity. So here, even though it would be a best practice, sometimes there are activities which are going to be much more valuable for you to pursue.  


Weigh the Price 

You always have to weigh the cost and the benefit of the SEO, because working on best practices and implementing SEO on your site sometimes comes at a cost. So you have to justify what you’re getting in return to your efforts. You must decide if making changes is worth it. Talking about title tags, even though you have to cross the range of best practices, if you can optimize it to be popular in the social networking sites, it’s better to leave the things as they are.  

So, you may want to follow the best practices, but sometimes you might have different goals. Then it’s better to just do things your way.  

Final Words 

The best practices are always evolving. People all over the world are trying to find new ways to make things work. In this situation, it would be a mistake to just follow the best practices blindly. You must keep an open mind and figure out something that works for you, rather than just following some given rules.