How Blogging can Boost Your Local Search Results

If you have an online business or are doing anything online that requires visitors finding you on Google or any other search engine, you need to practice SEO – Search Engine Optimization. In order to optimize the search results, you need to have a dynamic Internet presence. Having a blog is one of the most excellent ways to accomplish this.

Google and the other search engines are always looking for new content, and how best to do this than with a blog in which you post regular content? Your blog is one area on your website where you can employ useful keywords to elevate your site ranking.

Blogging gives your site visitors reasons to stay and browse your website, and reasons to keep coming back. Your chances of converting prospective customers into paying customers increases the longer they stay on your website.

How do you keep readers interested in your blog?

* By posting regularly

By frequently blogging, your customers will get to know you and your business, which engenders a sense of allegiance. Also, Google Analytics is programmed to find content based on “freshness”, so you raise your ranks on Google by blogging regularly.

* By creating valuable information about your business that visitors to your site can use

Research has shown that people tend to return to websites where they find useful information. In fact, the bookmarking industry is built up on this premise.

* Integrate it as a component of the community

We tend to show loyalty to the persons we interact with at our local stores – more than say a brand name, and unquestionably more than we would to an unknown business.


What Are the Advantages to Blogging?

* Blogging helps you to build up a devoted customer base

You will develop a following where they will continue to visit your site. You can blog about upcoming events, current promotions, and exclusive offers only available through your website, which will entice your visitors.

* It gives you a “voice” for your business

By frequently talking about the business in the blog, you can generate more traffic to the site than what the “Service” or “About Us” page could do.

* Blogging allows you to engage with your fellow bloggers

Posting their opinions and commentaries on your blog gives it greater visibility in the search results.

* Blogging can be used as a tool to feed content to social media sites like Facebook and Google+

Users of social media tend to like or share interesting articles and pictures they discover on the web. By offering interesting content in your blog, visitors can then feed this info into their social media. This will, in turn, increase your rankings on the search engines.


Other Helpful Hints:

* Think about blogging on things that will interest the local community: Local news, events, and recommendations from other businesses in the area

* Keep your blog posts brief. Readers tend to prefer concise content that is easy to digest

* Blogs can generate frequent readers, who make a website appear user friendly, and again signals to Google’s algorithms that then elevate the ranking.