Spamming Your Site with City Keyword / Keyword City Combos

It is well–known that content is king online. But most people do not know how to make their web content high quality. There are a few steps that are necessary to make you successful in creating web content. The most important tip is not to keyword spam.  

The most common problem is the spamming of web content with the city name. The use of the city name directly before and after the keywords irritates the readers and is unnecessary as well. The search engine can instantly spot the ‘keyword stuffing’ and that is not a good sign for the website.   

The use of broad keywords for the targeting business is not off the hook either. For the best results, you can use 1-3 keywords for 100 words in the text. This means that the keyword density should only be 1-3%. But we don’t want you to be over conscious on the percentage of ‘keyword density’. Actually, it is very simple to produce keyword savvy content free from spamming.   

Google is a Careful Reader  

To check for spamming in the content, just go through the text. It should not sound like a list of keywords; rather, it should be a natural description of your services or products. What would you say when you want to describe the business to someone? You would give a colorful description of the products and services you offer, but not the verbal rapid fire of keywords.   

You don’t need to keep in mind that you are writing for the search engine. Just write in such a way that you are talking to a human being and the search engine will get the specific message.   

Use Keywords without Distraction   

You can use the keywords such as city names by applying them in the right manner in the text. The readers will be able to extract the real meaning of the content, as well as the search engine. You can use your city name in the title, content, and keywords that will increase the local visibility by generating traffic. By using the city name in the right way as a keyword, you can stand out from the local competitors. Just don’t say things like, “Vinyl siding Chicago” because that doesn’t make sense and the search engines know it.  

Avoid Keyword Stuffing  

Keyword spamming can easily be avoided. While writing web content, don’t think about keyword density, just keep writing the text. The keywords find their own way into the content most relevantly when describing the products or services. If you insist on using keywords or keyword phases, then use 2 keywords per 100 words. Try to use the keywords relevantly as the users will search for you with these keywords. Long tail keywords are useful as well. Always focus on creating information rich, useful content where the keywords occur spontaneously.