How Panda Algorithm Impacts on Press Release Websites

Panda has become essential to rank a site based on its quality. However, there were some victims of Panda—particularly press release websites. Now the question is, why specifically the press release sites at risk to the Panda algorithm, are these sites really that much worse?   

Panda Algorithm   

The Panda algorithm was a revolutionary move for addressing search quality issues in Google’s methodology. In this methodology, Google used genuine human reviewers to determine the quality of a sample website. Google provided an advisory on the affected sites for self-evaluation with a list of the 23-part questionnaire, which related to its quality.   

News Sites Performance on These Questions  

The data in the analysis come from PandaRisk.comhere only four of the major concerns discuss that came from the surveys.  

Insightful Analysis  

Google wants to send users to web pages that are uniquely useful. This is better than just unique, or just useful, but unfortunately news websites are failing to reach this target. Press release sites need to be more careful about editorializing the content for their users. These modest improvements will increase the Panda-based review scores to those pages.  

Can They Be Trusted With Personal Info?  

One might expect press release websites to fare well, compared to non-commercial sites, since press release websites do have an e-commerce componentUnfortunately, failed this question. A whopping 91% of users said they would not trust the site with their credit card details.   

Google uses the behavior of users to predict a website’s performance on these Panda algorithm requirementsThe bots measure both your site and your audience. So the impact of your site on users can impact on search performance.  

Site’s Authority  

If a website accepts thousands of press releases on nearly any topic, it is hard claim an authorityand it doesn’t. The surveyors said, 75% of respondents wouldn’t consider PRNewswire an authority.   

Adding an editor with a fancy title and a credentialed by-line will help. You can even use authorship and publisher markupto increase your perceived authority.  

Bookmarking and/or Sharing a Site 

 Whether or not a user will want to share your content isn’t in your control, especially with PR sitesOver 85% of respondents said they weren’t interested in bookmarking or sharing content from   

Ways that these sites can encourage sharing or bookmarking include: 

  • Placing “share” or “bookmark” buttons at the top of content 
  • Creating truly interesting content 
  • Creating content that is readable and shareable

Not all press release sites run with low quality content. They should still remain aware of the Panda algorithm and how it might affect them. Panda is an honest attempt to measure the quality of websitesPanda simply asks whether the page or the site itself deserves that ranking based on human quality measures instead of asking that how the site got the current rank in search result.  

Contact us today and we will put in place an SEO strategy that will ensure your content conforms with all the standards of Google and your rankings will never be affected.